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Registration Terms

Welcome to the website TEHNIUM TODAY - a place of discussion and information from various technical fields! A website that wants to continue the tradition of the former romanian Tehnium magazine.

www.tehnium-azi.ro uses cookies to give you the most enjoyable and personalized experience. We inform you that we have updated our policies / regulation to comply with the proposed changes to the EU Directive 2002/58 / EC (the "E-Privacy Directive") and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 about protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC ("the GDPR Regulation").

Before continuing to browse www.tehnium-azi.ro, please read and understand the content of the Tehnium Today regulation, where in chapters 4 and 5. are detailed aspects of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

This regulation comes into force when you navigate or REGISTER on Tehnium Today! Failure to comply with the rules does not absolve you of violating the rules as a user of www.tehnium-azi.ro !!

Chapter 1 - Introductory Provisions

Article 1.1. Once registered a user account it has access to www.tehnium-azi.ro. The user of the website (member account) will have to read and follow this regulation.

Article 1.2. Please fill in the location where you live (location) and your personal details. This will lead to a better understanding among the members.

Article 1.3. Always the administrators and moderators of this forum will try to remove or modify any disturbing material as quickly as possible; it is impossible to go through each message. By modifying (editing) we understand: replacing some words / statements that do not respect the rules of using the forum, eliminating them definitively from the message or definitively deleting the messages or, as the case may be, the whole topic. The only reason why a user's message can be edited is to disregard the rules of the forum.

Article 1.4. Members are personally and legally responsible for the information posted on this website. The administrators or moderators of this forum are not responsible for the information published by members, but may withdraw any information that does not comply with the copyright law and related rights, no. 8 of March 14, 1996, together with those provided by Romanian Law no. 285/2004, O.U.G. no. 123/2005 and O.U.G. no. 190/2005.

Article 1.5 Deleting infringing material uploaded by malicious users or representing web links to such materials (books, catalogs...) will be removed as soon as possible. For the purposes of managing this website, I reserve the right to do so within 24 hours.

Article 1.6 The right to delete, edit or fill in messages and articles is only the administrator of the Tehnium Today website. Once a message or article has been posted, deleting it, even after the user has been suspended, remains at Tehnium's Administrator's attitude. Please note that any information posted on Tehnium Today's website, in the form of forum posts, comments, attachments, or articles, on its own initiative, gets under the direct control of the TEHNIUM AZI website and can only be removed by the administrator of its choice . This eliminates the splitting of the website content by users who need to be consistent in the attitude and content of their messages.

Article 1.7 If you dont agree to the changes to the rules and want to delete your user account, please send us an email at: tehnium.azi [arond] gmail.com to request this. To process requests, you will need to send the message from the email address used to register your account at www.tehnium-azi.ro. We reserve the right to keep the content of your messages on the website in the form of a nickname (vistors_) after deleting your account, just to keep the topics in the forums and not only, a cursivity in browsing the topics.

Article 1.8 The Forum Administrator reserves the right to delete at any time a user account that has infringed by any method the functioning or existence of tehnium-azi.ro.

Chapter 2 - Messages

Article 2.1. All messages express the views and opinions of the authors, not the administrators, moderators or the webmaster (except for the messages written by them themselves).

Article 2.2. There is no encouragement in any way about more.. more.. posting. We don’t encourage messages and interventions without real and useful forum content. Write a message only if you have something to say about the topic (thread). It is not allowed to divert the subject through messages other than topic (off topic). There is absolutely no prize to the one who exceeds the record of daily posts. Apart from titles, no distinction is made between those with many posts and those with few posts.

Article 2.3. It is desirable to avoid deviating from the section profile of this forum (new topic, opened in an inappropriate section). In this way, the information will be sorted correctly, and the moderators will have less work. It is also mandatory to use the search option to see if the topic you want to discuss in the form of initiating a new topic has not been discussed.

Article 2.4 It is not allowed under any form to use an uncivilized and / or obscene, anti-Semitic or racist language.

Article 2.5  It is not allowed in any way the use of "mirc" (daka, k, lol, etc.) and the writing of sh, tz, k. We emphasize the quality of the message (both in terms of content and the correct way of writing) and not on its "quantity". The message will be written, at your choice, with or without the diacritics.

Article 2.6 The attack on the person isn’t allowed. Do not attack people but their ideas.

Article 2.7 Each member of the website is responsible for what he writes. Posts and topics are not open to misplaced. These will be automatically deleted and the user will be warned. The administration of this forum does not take responsibility for your views.

Article 2.8 It is desirable to avoid quoting the entire message of a user if that post is immediately above or a short distance (6-8 messages) from where it will be quoted. Instead, you can quote and comment on passages of a post in the same sub-page, or you can use direct addressing to another user. Observing this point ultimately takes up space on the server with useful information to the detriment of redundancy.

Article 2.9 www.tehnium-azi.ro should not be confused with a chat. As a result, the use of emotional pictographs is punishable. For personal discussion between two members there is a private messaging feature.

Article 2.10 It is recommended to avoid excessive use of the attachment function of the files.

Article 2.11 It is not allowed to post a message in several sections in order to attract more attention.

Article 2.12 It is not allowed to post links to other sites in order to advertise or open topics in order to advertise a company or website. However, web links are accepted in a message only if the thread of the conversation asks for it.

Article 2.13 It is forbidden to post files and / or links that send to files that violate copyright law (NO WAREZ, NO CRACKS).

Article 2.14 Users' messages can be deleted to the extent that they do not interfere with the thread of the topic discussion.

Article 2.15 Messages containing commercial, permanent or occasional offers of legal or physical persons may be posted only in the Service, Sales and Purchase Services section, with additional respect to the Specific Regulations for that section. Forum posts will be deleted as soon as possible.

Chapter 3 - Accounts & Settings

Article 3.1 You are not allowed to access this website using anonymous proxies.

Article 3.2 We don't accept the opening of a user account that has the name of the company name in the forum, the name of the TEHNIUM AZI website (or the word TEHNIUM) or the URL of a website.

Article 3.3 Clones are not accepted. Do not consider a clone a new account made by a user whose old account has been deleted. If a user is banned and creates an account they use to bypass that penalty, both accounts will be banned and the ip will be blocked.

Article 3.4 It is not allowed to transform the signature, the nick or the avatar into the (self- / anti-) commercial advertisement. Prohibited: company names, service / product offers, contact details, links, or website names. For these cases, use the profile options. Generic disclosure of the occupation / occupation of the user is not considered advertising. We reserve the right to edit the signatures, nicknames and avatars that violate this subpoint.

Article 3.5 Avatars, custom titles, signatures and nicknames must not be anti-Semitic, racist or obscene, do not represent company names, and do not contain advertisements for products or services.

Article 3.6 New accounts that are not activated in the first 3 days will be automatically deleted.

Article 3.7 I reserve the right to delete user accounts that do not have any posting on the forum and / or website after at least 30 days after registration. These accounts will be deleted without any prior notice. The measure is needed to boost activity in the website by adding messages and articles to users.

Chapter 4 - Privacy Policy

Article 4.1 The IP addresses of all sent messages are stored to help resolve violations of this regulation.

Article 4.2 Any information entered by you in the form of a message on www.tehnium-azi.ro and / or a file is stored in the website's database. Once you post the message, it will be owned by tehnium-azi.ro. The administrator of this website reserves the right to keep under anonymity the messages posted by the user who has been suspended or deleted from the database. The names of these messages will be taken over by an anonymity of the former user's Guest_name, without any other information from the former user profile.

Article 4.3 Any moderation action by authorized persons (administrators or moderators) is stored in the database.

Article 4.4 Personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties without your consent except in the cases provided for by law and in violation of Art. 8.10 of this Regulation.

Article 4.5 Administrators and moderators can not be held responsible for theft or vandalism attacks that may lead to data compromise.

Article 4.6 Cookies - we recommend that you go through chapter 5 - Cookie Policy.

Article 4.7 The email addresses are used only to confirm your registration as a user, to send a new password if you forget the current one and to notify certain events appearing on www.tehnium-azi.ro (reply to your message, receiving a private message, launching projects from the Tehnium Collection Today, wishes on Christian holidays ...).

Article 4.8 The Forum Administrator reserves the right to contact you occasionally to inform you about specific forum issues.

Chapter 5 - Cookie Policy

Article 5.1 The cookie policy is designed to inform you about our practices of collecting information from you when you visit www.tehnium-azi.ro through cookies and other tracking technologies, but respecting your right to the protection of your personal data.

Article 5.2 A "Cookie Internet" (also known as "cookie browser" or "HTTP cookie" or simply "cookie") is a small file of letters and numbers that will be stored on your computer, mobile terminal or other user equipment on which www.tehnium-azi.ro is accessed (more details on https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie).

Article 5.3 The cookie is installed on a web-server request from a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and is completely "passive" (does not contain software, viruses or spyware and can not access the information on the user's hard drive). A cookie consists of 2 parts: the name and the content or the cookie value. Moreover, the duration of a cookie is determined, and technically only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the website associated with that web-server.

Article 5.4 Cookies themselves do not require personal information to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify internet users. So, our cookies do not retain personal data such as your name or bank details.

Article 5.5 The confidentiality of information is a permanent responsibility and we therefore assume that we will update this information document from time to time as we will undertake new practices on personal data or adopt new privacy policies. Concerning the processing of consent-based data (as described below), we will notify you of any change and request your additional consent.

Article 5.6 You have the right to access and rectify (correct) the recording of your personal data processed by us if these are inaccurate. By personal data we refer to the data stored in the user profile, such as: name, first name, e-mail address or residence. By accessing the user's profile, you can correct these data at any time, subject to certain exceptions, such as changing your email address. Keep in mind that a invalid email address makes it impossible to recover your account if you forgot your password. Now, please exercise your rights wisely and keep in mind that abuse of rights can make you accountable.

Article 5.7 It is important to note that by agreeing to the use of the cookie (s) you agree with the safe storage of the information collected by the cookie (s) you have agreed with.

Article 5.8 Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and support the efforts of many websites to provide comfortable user services: online privacy preferences, site language options, shopping carts or relevant advertising.

Article 5.9 Cookies are managed by web servers. The life of a cookie may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are used exclusively for one session (session cookies) and are no longer retained once the user leaves the website and some cookies are retained and reused each time the user returns to that site (cookie persistent). However, cookies can be deleted by a user at any time.

Chapter 6 - Administrators

Article 6.1 Root Admin is the person who owns the ownership of this website and deals with both its technical part and the administrative part.

Article 6.2 Administrators and Root Admin have the right to manage any messages on this forum and do not respond to other members for their actions.

Chapter 7 - Moderators

Article 7.1 Moderators are people who have the right to manage the messages of other forum users.

Article 7.2 Moderators are subject, as any other user, to this regulation and are taking care that it is respected.

Article 7.3 The management of messages is made in accordance with this regulation, serious or repeated deviations from this rule by the withdrawal of the right to moderate.

Article 7.4 The moderator function does not imply privileges or responsibilities. The moderator function involves the ability to edit, move, delete, or block other users' messages.

Article 7.5 There may be moderators with limited attributions to some forum sections or moderators with attributions throughout the forum.

Article 7.6 The moderator function is proposed and granted only by the administrator after a contest and no one can intervene in this regard.

Article 7.7 Moderators may withdraw the moderation right only by the root administrator (Root Admin) if they do not register activity on the forum for 7 days. Withdrawal of the right to moderation can be done for no particular reason but this action will be communicated.

Article 7.8 Although it is not necessary, moderators can give explanations for their actions.

Article 7.9 It is necessary for moderators to give explanations for their actions when a user explicitly requests this.

Chapter 8 - Sanctions

Article 8.1 Moderators have the right to apply sanctions consisting of warning or warning, editing the message, deleting the message, blocking the entire thread, blocking the ability to send messages over a period of several hours to several tens of days , account suspension for a period of several hours to several tens of days. Moderators also make banning proposals.

Article 8.2 The user is required to check his warning level because, in the event of a change, he can read the reason for the warning.

Article 8.3 If a repeated violation of the rules of art. 2.2, 2.3, 2.8, 2.5 and 2.10, moderators will publicly or privately warn the user (warn 30%). At the third warning on the same subject, the moderator may temporarily block the user's ability to send new messages.

Article 8.4 In case of a breach of a point or art. 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6, moderators will immediately edit or delete the message and warn him / her publicly or privately to the user who posted the message. At the third warning on the same subject, the moderator may temporarily block the user's ability to send new messages.

Article 8.5 In case of violation of art. 2.15, moderators or administrators will delete all incriminated messages and suspend for 30 days the account of the user who posted that message.

Article 8.6 In the event of violation of paragraph 2.14, moderators will edit the incriminated message and warn the user. At the third warning on the same subject, the moderator may temporarily block the user's ability to send new messages.

Article 8.7 In case of violation of art. 3.2 will delete and / or ban the user account.

Article 8.8 In case of violation of art. 3.3 or art. 3.4, moderators will publicly alert the user in question and will personally request the editing / deletion of the incriminated material within 24 hours. The refusal to comply with this request and / or repeated deviations from the rules of art. 3.3 or art. 3.4 is sanctioned by temporary or permanent blocking of access to the forum for the person incriminated.

Article 8.9 In case of violation of art. 2.12 or 2.13, the moderators will immediately delete the message. The second offense will permanently block access to the forum for the person in question.

Article 8.10 The administrator www.tehnium-azi.ro reserves the right to make available to the legal bodies of the EU member states. and not only, the personal data of the user account that through its activity on this site has caused any third party damage.

Chapter 9 - Final Provisions

Article 9.1 This Regulation may not cover all situations that may arise. In this case, the measures that will be taken will always concern the common sense and good functioning of the website.

Article 9.2 Articles tehnium-azi.ro can be used by other sites or discussion groups only by adding a link (URL) to it.

Article 9.3 Suggestions for improvement (and it is even recommended to do so in your interest) are accepted both in terms of this regulation and the forum or site as functionality or content.

Article 9.4 The Free Discussion section has a preferential status in the sense that moderation is made easier. As a result of this rule, you will not be penalized for unread messages or messages without real content. The messages that do not comply with the rules of Chapter 2 will be sanctioned instead.

Article 9.5 The regulation may be changed at any time, therefore we recommend that members regularly access this regulatory area.

Article 9.6 In the event of a suspicion of the legality of the posted messages, the administrator of TEHNIUM AZI retains the right to denounce the situation to authorities able to enforce the law, including disclosure to those authorities of personal data of those concerned.

At the time of registration you are considered to have read this regulation and agree to the ones written here. If you are already registered when the rule is displayed, the posting action means a tacit acceptance of its content, whether you read it or not.

I hope you feel good in this community of technology enthusiasts and the former Tehnium magazine, and the Tehnium Today website is a great way to spend your free time.

This regulation enters into force today: 4 August 2007 (last revision: 20 November 2018) and MAY be modified without prior notice when new circumstances require it. It's good to check this section from time to time.


Admin TEHNIUM TODAY – www.tehnium-azi.ro OR www.tehnium-azi.com

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