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    1. Tranzistorul Telefunken OC602 versiunea "Spez". Germaniu, AF de mică putere. Este fabricat la sfărşitul anilor '50.
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    3. MC78M12CG Stabilizator de tensiune pozitiva 12V/500mA
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    2. MOTOROLA 2N6318 Power Bipolar Transistor PNP, TO-213AA, Metal, 80V/7A
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    Doar un pic de atentie, UF5402 produsa de Vishai are trr 50ns. In schimb UF5402G care este produsa de SMC are trr 35ns.
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    UF5408 are trr 75ns iar UF5402G are 35ns, ar putea fi un motiv.
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