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Osciloscop DIY cu microcontrolere cu ecran LCD/TFT

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    Folosesc LCD standard 128x64 px, domeniu 0...20KHz, 3 proiecte care mi-au atras atentia:


- bazat pe ATMega164P-20 - AVR Oscilloscope autor http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ro&sl=auto&tl=ro&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ne.jp%2Fasahi%2Fshared%2Fo-family%2FElecRoom%2FAVRMCOM%2FAVROscilo2%2FAVROscilo2.html  , construit si de YO6PIR http://qsl.net/yo6pir/osc.html

- bazat pe ATMega32 - Behzad 650KSPS Digital GLCD Oscilloscope http://www.khazama.com/project/oscope/default-en.aspx

- bazat pe PIC16F877P Oscilloscope numerique http://sjeffroy.free.fr/Oscilloscope/oscilloscope.html


Schemele in ordine:

ATMega164P-20 - AVR Oscilloscope



ATMega32 - Behzad 650KSPS Digital GLCD Oscilloscope



PIC16F877P Oscilloscope numerique








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