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Guest sctsandu

Vand FLUDOR de calitate

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Guest sctsandu

A . FLUDOR de calitate (in paranteze este greutatea totala,mas.cu eroare de +/- 1g),

la preturi modice.(pretul e fix)


1.Fludor Fluitin (Alpha-Fry Technologies),

Sn60Pb38Cu2 /3.5%Flux, mosor 1mm/0.5kg; (528g)..... 27ron


2.Fludor tip Fluitin,

Sn60Pb40 / 1,4%Flux, mosor 0.5mm/0.5kg; (532g)..... 24ron


3.Fludor tip Nedis,

Sn60Pb40, /2%Flux, mosor 0.7mm/1kg; (1025g)...... 50ron


4.Fludor Kent Crown,

Sn60Pb40,/ 2%Flux, mosor 1mm/0.5kg; .(519g)..... ..25ron


5.Fludor Kent Crown

Sn60Pb40 /2%Flux mosor 1mm/100g; (110g)...... ...7ron


6.Fludor Kent Crown,

Sn60Pb40 /2%Flux, mosor 1mm/300g;.(323g)..... ...16ron


7.Fludor Alpha Grillo ,

Sn60Pb40 /3,5%Flux, mosor 0,5mm/250g;.(259g)..... 14ron


8.Fludor Alpha Grillo ,

Sn60Pb40 /3,5%Flux, mosor 0,5mm/250g;.(266g)..... 15ron


9.Fludor Alpha Grillo ,

Sn60Pb40 /3,5%Flux, mosor 0,5mm/240g;.(248g)..... 14ron


10.Fludor Alpha Grillo ,

Sn60Pb40 /3,5%Flux, mosor 1mm/420g ;.(469g)...... .27ron


11.Fludor Alpha Grillo ,

Sn60Pb40 /3,5%Flux, mosor 0,5mm/100g;.(128g) ..... 8ron

POZE: 1.http://i32.tinypic.com/bhc5m9.jpg



Contact: Sandu: 0722204935 ;comanda minima 20 ron ;email:sctsandu@yahoo.com

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